Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rip Currents Arrive Ahead of Bill

“Just discovered your blog,” Ginny Page called across the parking lot as she herded members of the Conservation Commission into a white car for a site inspection. “You know more about what’s going on here than the newspapers!” What a nice comment from this busy lady whom I worked with on the Friends of the Wellfleet libraries board several years ago! The ocean was calm when Sven and I walked the “backshore” at dusk Thursday night, but by yesterday, guests reported rip currents, which kept most folks out of the water, the exception being experienced surfers, already flocking to the surf in record numbers. Thank you to everyone who read yesterday’s post, an important one, and to those who acted upon it. From the sidebar, you can tell there are 15 people who follow this blog. What’s not written are the 25 other daily readers and the 200 views per day. I enjoy reporting on life in Wellfleet. After serving breakfast this morning, I journeyed up to the ocean so readers could see the difference one day can make here. There was no red flag but the lifeguards were not letting anyone but surfers into the water. Lifeguards are not responsible for the surfers, apparently. Lots of people out watching the action on the waves. Click back Sunday for a fresh report. When the weatherman predicts erosion way before the hurricane moves up the coast, that's bad news!