Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pure Fun in Wellfleet!

Great day for the ocean, great day for the pond. Bright sunshine. Not too hot, not too cold. Ideal weather has reached Wellfleet at last, and everybody on vacation was out for a few hours of sun and surf, either at the ocean, bay, or pond. Sven and I went to Newcomb Hollow where algae had turned the water near the shore red, reason enough to head back to Dyer Pond (above). Sven really swims, as opposed to folks who sunbathe or simply traipse through the waves, getting their feet wet, like me, and he dislikes swimming in water that has the consistency of cabbage soup. Our guests spent the day at Great Pond. The folks in the cottage went to Duck Harbor, on Cape Cod Bay. While at Newcomb Hollow, we saw one little girl who was doing her darnedest to demonstrate the meaning of PURE FUN. She jumped up and down, up and down, under the admiring eye of her mother, close by. What energy! I tried to capture some of the five-year-old's spunk and delight with the world in a photo. If only the rest of us older, jaded folks, experienced life the same way!