Sunday, August 09, 2009

Recent Remarks by Guests & Book Sale Summary

“We're still talking about the wonderful stay at your house. We've explored so many nice things on the Cape and definitely want to come back. Please find enclosed my pictures of your beautiful garden.” (above photo of Seagull Cottage in June) Annette, Christian & Tilman, Newburyport, MA and Germany

“What a bed! Where did you get it? We thought we wouldn’t like a bed & breakfast, but, wow, it was better than a hotel!” Laura & Rick, who drove down from New Hampshire yesterday only to find No Vacancy signs posted all along Route 6, and took advantage of our last-minute cancellation for the Green Room.

“I called the Pearl Restaurant to check on their being safe for Rebekah to eat. They called me back within 20 minutes and were fantastic. If you have anyone concerned about food allergies, send them there. Their process is outstanding!!!!” Susie, from Virginia, a return guest whose child is allergic to peanuts, prior to 2009 trip to Wellfleet.

“My life is completely crazy most of the time. It looks like i never have time for anything but work. But hopefully, i can change it one day and have the opportunity to go back to Cape Cod and your wonderful Seagull Cottage.” Natalia, from New Orleans, who enjoyed mushroom-hunting here a couple years ago, and to whom I responded with the news a reporter from the Boston Globe will write a piece on mushrooms and Wellfleet for publication this September.

Sven and I went down to the second annual book sale in front of town hall, to benefit the library. Lots of folks out on this beautiful morning, all intent on discovery of that precious book that would make their day. I found mine: Vera (Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov) by Stacy Schiff. Sven looks forward to reading The Basque History of the World by Mark Kurlansky, famous for Cod and Salt. While amongst the books, we saw Dennis O’Connell, one of the main organizers, who told me last month’s sale netted almost $10,000!