Monday, August 10, 2009

"The Magic Place"

Wellfleet is ideal for children in summer, but sometimes they find it hard to wait in restaurants, eager to be off to the beach. We have return guests this week. The daughter, now 9, has already collected some lavender from the garden, with my permission, for conversion into lavender wands. Last year she was making a wand at the Truro Vineyard, while waiting for her parents to return from a tour. Someone asked if he might purchase the wand. Although the idea of selling wands had never occurred to her, she sold the wand to him straight away. Afterwards, she did research and realized her pricing was off. I imagine the price would be higher this year were she to encounter the gentleman again! She loves our garden and suggested to her mom that we put up a sign THE MAGIC PLACE over the arbor to signify a change in atmosphere when you walk amidst the flowers. Personally, I find the yellow hosta inspires reflection, but the hosta plants are on the shady side! Flowers do make such a difference. 2009 will have been a tough year for flowers, first with a rainy and cold June, then with baby rabbits feasting on petals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day since. Most Wellfleet restaurants provide fresh flowers on the tables. I find The Juice does an especially fine job. While we were having lunch there last week, I watched a woman Sven calls "the flower lady." With what dedication she created the bouquets, as if they were her grandchildren, being tucked into bed!