Monday, August 03, 2009

"Monster" House Controversy To Be Covered By Regional TV

Duck Harbor is one of my favorite beaches. On the way to Duck Harbor, the views of the National Seashore are extraordinary. As you zip along Duck Harbor Road, minding your own business, enjoying life, up the hill and then down, towards the Herring River, whether by bike or car, your eyes sweep across the wild landscape only to stumble upon a building, which destroys the Nature-goes-on-forever feeling and stops you dead in your tracks. This feeling is what motivated the town to change the by-laws over the winter. I have had guests come back and ask me how anyone was allowed to build such a monstrosity in the Seashore. I shrug and tell them the town voted to prevent such reconstruction in the future. The topic will be covered tomorrow evening on NECN, locally Channel 8, The News at 9. I was not able to get over there today to take a photo, because I was stuck in traffic on Route 6, but here is one of those views from last fall. For information on the government's recent appeal, read Marilyn Miller's article in the Banner.