Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What to See & Do in Wellfleet

Today I became a tourist for once, showing my French in-laws around Wellfleet. We had a busy, busy day. It began with a trip to the National Seashore Headquarters where we watched a short film about the creation of Cape Cod, an experience I recommend. The rangers were very helpful, offering lots of suggestions of things to see and do in the area. After the National Seashore Headquarters, we walked the White Cedar Swamp Trail at Marconi, not the best choice given that it has not rained for weeks. The purples and yellows, which Sven and I enjoyed two years ago on our last visit, were absent. Everything was green. Beautiful, but green. Of course, I showed my friends the platform that allows a view of both sides of the Cape at once. We paused to admire Lecount Hollow Beach in the distance (above). Then it was on to lunch at Winslow's Tavern. After a short nap, we set out again for Newcomb Hollow Beach where we admired the shipwreck, still visible although the sign posted by the Seashore has disappeared. Since the water was quite cold and full of mung, we headed for town, admiring the shops, restaurants and galleries on the way to the harbor. We stopped for a swim in the warm waters off Powers Landing. There was a brisk wind, totally different from the atmosphere on the back shore.