Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chez Sven's Water Gets Tested

A few weeks ago a blog reader requested I post a photo of Wellfleet's rowboat for her birthday. I was sorry not to be able to comply at the time. The flowers in the rowboat still are not at their best, but above is what it looked like last week. This morning I took a sample of well water in to the health department for testing. I do not expect the results to be any different from other years, but testing is always a good idea. Water quality can be a concern in a town where everyone has septic systems. Ours is a Title V. I worry about water quality so much that we have three-stage PUR filters in both the main house and cottage. Because of leaching of plastic into the water in drinking bottles, I no longer provide guestrooms with Poland Spring. Instead, I place a pitcher of fresh, filtered water in each room. If guests come with their own bottles, I am happy to fill them. Recently we had a guest who had decorated her SIGG bottle in a great way, so I asked if I could share the idea with blog readers. Here it is, on the left!