Monday, July 21, 2008

A July Day in the Life

I was up at 7:30 this morning, not really raring to go after a long wait yesterday for my Liberty Coin Suite guests, delayed by traffic. Since there were showers overnight and the table outside was wet, I served breakfast in the kitchen. Then it was off to Outer Cape Health for blood work, followed by a quick trip to the dump. Back home, I said goodbye to our Green Room guests, from France and Switzerland, a lovely couple with whom I spoke French, and then turned to our Liberty Coin Suite guests for a quick run-down of restaurants, ponds, and general local information and practical tips on how to have a great week on Cape Cod. Once they had left for Dyer Pond, I vacuumed the Green Room with my trusty Miele vacuum cleaner. After lunch, I made the beds and cleaned the bathroom. It is such a pleasure to be in that bathroom! I especially like the skylight. My daughter-in-law told me it is so beautiful that I should post photos to this blog. It is true that not all accommodations in Wellfleet can boast about bathrooms like ours. This afternoon I will slip into town for some more organic fruit and then wait for the arrival of new guests from Germany.