Monday, July 14, 2008

Kayaking on Gull Pond

Sometimes discoveries are made due to circumstance. My most recent guests spent two days exploring Cape Cod and did not want to purchase a beach sticker for their third day here. They did, however, decide kayaking would be a great final activity. Since parking is free at Gull Pond for the duration of a kayak trip, my guests rented a kayak and spent several hours exploring Gull Pond, and Higgins Pond, behind it, accessible through a sluice way. Rental of a single kayak costs $20 for the first half hour and $10 for every consecutive half hour. It is also possible to rent a pedalboat, a seacycle, a canoe, a sunfish, a surf bike, or a paddle board from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. While at Gull Pond myself this week, I saw a determined man on a windsurfer. Obviously beginner to intermediate, he took several tumbles but always got back up on the board. Gull Pond is extraordinary for its depth and the clarity of the water close to shore, where a raft encourages swimmers to take time out for a brief rest in the sun. Jack's Boat Rentals also offers rates by the day with pick up at the shop on Route 6 (delivery available) of $50 for a single kayak. The 3-day special is rent two days and get third day free. Sounds good!