Friday, July 04, 2008

Wellfleet's Fourth of July Parade Celebrates Food & Politics

What could me more American than a Fourth of July parade? I always tell my guests not to miss this annual event, which never fails to line the streets of Wellfleet with flag-waving summer visitors, natives, and tourists, all cheering together as businesses and non-profits descend Main Street. The theme this year was food. The selection of tasty treats was exceptionally “brilliant,” in the words of one of our bed & breakfast guests from across the pond. Leading the procession came the Selectmen who waved and tossed Tootsie Rolls to loud whistles and drumbeat. Following them marched two soldiers dressed in colonial uniforms. Mignon Berry (above) rocked out, dancing along after her Moby Dick wonder workers. She will probably have to rest for a few days after such exertion. I know I would! Right up front was Yellowbeard with his crew, daggers flashing, accompanied by a bevy of charming mermaids. Caleb got a particularly warm welcome from the crowd. Being a seaside resort, dancing fish and lobster were well represented. There was even one clam. A particularly hip blue fish did a wacky two-step, a real crowd pleaser. There were bubbles, a dancing whale, even Smokey the Bear, representing the Wellfleet Fire Department. I especially liked Hatch’s assistant manager, decked out in fruit and veggies, broccoli and a banana in her hair. Since this is Wellfleet, there were numerous marching Democrats, including “a couple of Democratic peaches” for Obama, and a peace delegation. The signs were clever. "Lettuce Entertain You" was one I especially liked. The parade lasted almost an hour. It was hard to decide which floats to photograph. There were so many I would have liked to share. I couldn't resist the Historical Society ladies, who seemed to have stepped out of the past into our midst. I am always impressed by everyone who manages to find the time to think up disguises and decorate floats. What an amazing job they all did! My kids loved attending in the Seventies. There were many children in the crowd today, rushing up to gather the candy that occasionally was tossed by the participants. From Main Street, the parade continued down Commercial, definitely a better place for viewing since there were fewer people. What a wonderful event!