Sunday, July 20, 2008

Computer Update

I would like to be standing with this gentleman in the pink shirt, caught by my camera last week admiring Wellfleet Harbor from Powers Landing. I would stand there just about half a minute before leaping into the cool water, because it is hot, hot, hot today, not ideal for cleaning guest rooms. Yet, clean I must. The cottage and Liberty Coin Suite will both host new people this afternoon. An important tool for an innkeeper is a good vacuum cleaner. We have a Miele and it has served us well. Another indispensable tool in this day and age? The computer. I have a Mac, a really cute white one that I love. While my son was here last week, he took my computer apart and installed a brand new hard drive. I realize how very lucky I am to have a son capable of such an endeavor. Now I have, basically, a new computer in an old but funky container. My son also signed Chez Sven up for Twitter. I have not had time to find out what Twitter can do but seems it is the latest thing in computer gadgetry.