Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dyer Pond = Perfect Pond

The number of Internet searches for WELLFLEET SECRET POND defies imagination. I see many which end up on this blog. The idea of a pond being secret mesmerizes. Oh, to be the only people to know its whereabouts! Well, our secret pond has not been secret ever since a reporter for the New York Times mentioned Dyer Pond in an article a few years ago. It remains one of the most beautiful. The water is clear. Sunshine sparkles off the surface. The peace is only broken by an occasional shout from a child playing in the water. You can make castles in the sand, swim, play with toy boats, ride in an inflated boat or on a raft, use "noodles" and much more. When my kids were small, there were two beaches, but now the northern bank is being reforested, so there is only one with access to the public. When we arrived today after walking through the woods from Chez Sven, I looked at the National Seashore sign without my glasses. It says Protect Ponds. What I saw was Perfect Pond. Indeed, Dyer is.