Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting Ready for the Lobster Rodeo

To all you procrastinators out there, our Green Room is still available August 24, 25, 26, 27.

Our Green Room guest left this morning saying, "Boy, we really lucked out!" That is the way I like people to feel. One can never tell from a website what the bed & breakfast experience will be.

"I liked the fact that there were no frou-frous," his companion added, replacing the latest copy of the New Yorker on the coffee table in the living room.

Last week’s New Yorker cover showed clever lobsters, escaping prior to being eaten via napkins tied together out the window. Yesterday our guests from Sweden went to Moby Dick’s where they had the scallops, my favorite, this time, rather than lobster. There is always a line at Moby's in summer but it moves fast.

When I was at Hatch’s today, I met a burly man, dressed in a t-shirt that showed a cowboy on a bucking lobster. He was a real lobster fanatic. The specimen, that he and his wife were about to buy, weighed twelve pounds. That was one big lobster!

“Why, I used to eat a lobster like that at one sitting,” the man declared. Then he told me they would transport the purchase to Newport for the Lobster Rodeo, where he once competed with an eighteen-pounder!

Most of the lobsters sold in Wellfleet come from Maine. I remember being disappointed when I learned this. Hatch's advertises Native Lobsters above. I will have to ask whether that sign is still factual.

Anyone who likes the yucky green part inside a lobster, beware! The Cape Cod Times reported last week that it may have been affected by Red Tide. Better skip lobster for now, if you ask me …