Sunday, April 01, 2012

Update on Harbor Stage Company's Inaugural Season

The familiar sign is gone but not the spirit that inspired theater fans to choose Wellfleet for so many years. Our town has a new (old) theater troupe, six veteran actors calling themselves the Harbor Stage Company. HSC will produce three plays for its first season. June 20th we can look forward to the opening of Hedda Gabler, which will "re-introduce their unique brand of fiery, authentic performance to the intimate space." Church, a funny new play will be performed second, starting July 18. The inaugural season closes with Sticks and Stones, "a riotous and unflinching look at the haunting ravages of war," opening August 15 and running until Labor Day. Tickets cost $20. Three can be purchased at one go for $48. Harbor Stage Company is also looking for tax-deductible donations. Can someone donate so that the letters HSC can appear in future sunset photos?

PS. If you can't wait until June 20, check out the Harbor Stage Company performance on April 14th, at Preservation Hall, during the first annual Wellfleet Blossoms, festival, two weeks from yesterday. ("The Truth (About Non-Truth)...a short panel discussion...a conversation...about what is valuable in art. It aims to challenge the traditional artist into re-considering what is worth exploring.) I plan to be there. How about you?