Saturday, April 21, 2012

What’s Happening in Wellfleet?

Lots going on this weekend. Check out the options:

WHAT: Opera at the MET, La Traviata, 1 pm, Saturday.

Prez. Hall: Christine Rathbun Ernst will perform her latest one-woman show, 'The Further Adventures of the Fat Ass Cancer Bitch'. Saturday at 7:30, tickets $12. "Edgy, unapologetic, funny and wickedly honest."

Prez. Hall: On Sunday afternoon, 2 pm, Boston-based playwright Michelle Gabow will read and perform several recent short stories from 'God is a Dog (lost and found in Paris)'.

Wellfleet Public Library: Come at 11 am to learn how to Garden Under the Oak with Chris Kolb.

Wellfleet Public Library: On Saturday at 3 pm, Traveling Hostel to Hostel in Mainland China. (Wellfleet seniors Susan Bachman and Pat Bartlett give an illustrated account of a recent trip.)

Wellfleet Public Library: On Sunday at 3 pm, Steve Morgan and the Kingfish will perform original R&B and blues. Free concert.

Congregational Church: On Sunday, 7 pm, Terry Kay Rockefeller will screen and talk about her new film Renewal.

All that culture, for one little town. And, coming May 4th, at the Senior Center, "Food and Mingling" will take place from 5:15 to 6 pm, followed by a “Community Conversation” on the future the Wellfleet Public Library, led by Sky Freyss-Cole. This sounds like an important meeting. To prepare, you might want to read this article in The Atlantic, then sign up here