Monday, April 02, 2012

Treasures from the Sea

When Sven and I were out walking at Duck Harbor last week, we passed a woman collecting shells and other treasures. She let me peek in her, ahem, plastic, ahem, bag, and take this lovely photograph. As I think about the latest news regarding toxic chemicals in the environment, I cannot help but notice the difference between the plastic, manmade, and the contents, nature-made. Do you sometimes feel as exasperated as I do with the Federal government? Today I read that the signatures on the Just Label It petition, one million strong, submitted last week to the FDA, were counted as ONE comment, not one million. This is ludicrous behavior. (Read why you should oppose GMOs here.) Every day brings new studies confirming toxic chemicals need regulation. Last week the FDA refused to ban BPA in packaging, as requested by the National Resources Defense Council and in infant formula. The numbers for autism have been lowered to one boy baby in 54. This will have incredible repercussions on society, not to mention the anguish for the parents of those children. Yesterday the New York Times Magazine ran a long article about the advancing age of puberty in little girls. Hel-lo?? Something is out of whack here. The President’s Cancer Panel, in its report last year, suggested chemicals probably are responsible for the increase in cancer cases. Women are getting breast cancer at an increasingly younger age, too, due to the estrogen mimics in our environment. Toxic chemicals. Who dares to deny the cause and effect? Our government. This is unacceptable. We need Congress to enact the Safe Chemicals Act. Folks at the Environmental Working Group must be tearing out their hair. Please read this message if you have Facebook, support the work of the EWG, and take measures to protect your own family.