Monday, April 16, 2012

Shopping for Shampoo, Using the Skindeep Database

One of my favorite innkeeping duties is scouting for natural amenities. Sometimes I get ideas from the Orleans Whole Food Store, pictured above. Then I search online. For years we have offered products from Emz Blendz. Now Emz requires orders of 100 at a time, so I am shopping for a new shampoo. My first stop was the EWG’s skindeep database. The shampoo I had in mind only received a 3 to 5 rating out of 10. So, I decided to search for another, starting with those that receive a 0, ie. are not at all toxic.

Terressentials looked promising and had pretty labels, but when I read the fine print, I realized most customers have to go through a de-tox that lasts a week, so for the one-shot B&B experience, nyet.

Be Green Bath and Body Dry Shampoo sounded intriguing, but would guests really appreciate a dry shampoo? Nah!

Salon Naturals offers free shipping on one-ounce samples with the caveat: “We understand reluctance to try new products - especially when ordering them online. While we would love saying 'yes' to the dozens of requests we receive each day for free samples - it's simply cost-prohibitive for us to do so. However, we do want you to feel comfortable with your purchase and our complete hair care line is available in small sample sizes. Each sample is priced at $3.70 each and INCLUDES SHIPPING for up to ten samples on all U.S. orders.” Worth trying their Hydrating Shampoo. I ordered a sample.

Face Naturals comes in organic Citrus Squeeze or Peppermint & Tea Tree in two-ounce Try Me sizes. LIKE! Placed another samples order.

Purple Prairie Botanicals shampoo bar. Hmm. I remember Purple Prairie from researching sunscreen. The sidebar boasts, “We’re a SkinDeep champion!” But it’s a bar. Does the shampoo exist? Unfortunately, no.

Whoops! We have gone into the 1s.

I’ll report back once the shampoo samples arrive and I have had a chance to try them.

Do you have a favorite natural shampoo to recommend? Do you check the products you use on your body with the Skindeep Database before purchase?