Wednesday, November 02, 2011

How Healthy is Wellfleet Harbor?

For nine years Wellfleet Elementary School has hosted the State of Wellfleet Harbor Conference. The 2011 date is November 5. The goal of this free conference is to provide the community with information about current and ongoing research, monitoring projects, and issues related to Wellfleet Harbor and its watershed. For more details, go here.

This year I contributed some blog photos for the informal slide show during the breaks. Here's what was requested: "We are looking for any kind of photo that shows the resources and landscape of Wellfleet Harbor and people using it appropriately."

For those of you who follow the NStar issue, know that I suggested, in August, that Professor Craig Slatin from Lowell be invited to speak on the probable contamination of the Cape Cod aquifer by NStar, and was told my suggestion came too late, that the speakers for 2011 had already been chosen. Hopefully, if enough of us show interest, perhaps our sole-source aquifer will be included in 2012, the 10th year the conference will take place.

One appropriate use of the harbor has become walking beside the marina. Sven and I love this walk. The view is constantly changing. We have noticed, of late, an increase in the number of benches. Pedestrians often sit and rest a while. It's always fun to discover the inscriptions on new memorial plaques. When we read about the man who swam with dolphins in 1950, we always remember our friend Brewster Fox. The plaque above speaks to the love that unites families. Have you ever walked around the marina? Do you have a favorite walk that you never grow tired of? Would you like to have your name on a memorial bench?