Monday, November 07, 2011

Wellfleet Marketplace Gets New Decoration

In the fall, winter, and spring, Wellfleetians shop at Wellfleet Marketplace. When I went in over the weekend, Shaina was busy decorating the windows with her perky designs. "Writing backwards must not be easy," I said, after complimenting her on what she had accomplished so far. "It's not," Shaina agreed. I really appreciate the fact that the owners employ local talent to beautify their store. Now that farmers' markets are closing for the season, we will shop at Wellfleet Marketplace more often. Below, another photo of Shaina, hard at work.

Once upon a time, Wellfleetians had larders full of preserves. Does anyone bother anymore? I certainly did not grow up learning the art of putting up food, but then my mom was a career woman. Wish someone had taught me! I bet we'll be seeing more courses in food preparation, as citizens seek to avoid GMOs. (Calling Prez. Hall: Hello, hello?) I'd also like to learn cheese-making. This week my friend Melanie, in New Zealand, turned 16 liters of raw milk into three types of cheese. Check out her blog Frugal Kiwi over the next few weeks as she will be posting how-to details. Do you know how to preserve vegetables or applesauce? Make jam? Ever tried your hand at cheese?