Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where Spanish Fantasies Come True

Sven and I traveled to Spain, while my younger daughter was spending a semester in Salamanca. We picked her up and drove to Portugal. While in Spain, we noticed Spaniards ate dinner even later than the French, ordered "tapas" at the beginning of the meal, and seemed boisterous while eating. Lots of spirited conversations were going on in the restaurants we visited. I remember the incredible guitar playing, too. You may wonder what the connection to Wellfleet is ... Wellfleet has a fairly new resident who can make all your Spanish fantasies come true. Teresa Parker runs a travel business called Spanish Journeys. Yes, we have a specialist on Spain in our midst! Anyone who plans a trip to Europe, do check out Teresa’s Web site.

If you do not plan to go to Spain in the immediate future, how about realizing your Spanish fantasies this Sunday at a Payomet concert in Preservation Hall? Renowned flamenco guitarist Juanito Pasqual, as well as dancer and vocalist Jose Moreno, will perform, with Haggai Cohen Mil on acoustic bass and Tupac Mantilla on percussion. There will be tapas galore, prepared under Teresa’s guidance, with flan for dessert, to be served during intermission. The whole shebang costs only $35. The show starts at 7 but the doors open at 6:15. Sounds like an amazing evening. Get your tickets today!

Have you ever been to Spain? Do you like Spanish music? Tapas?