Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Write Me a Haiku

Since it took several hours to perfect my Blogathon haiku last May, I decided to skirt the issue this year by asking Haiku master Rachel Dickinson for help. She posts a haiku a day at Haiku Diaries. Here’s what Rachel wrote, inspired by Chez Sven:

I think of Kermit
(it's not easy being green) –
but it does feel good.

Cape Cod stretches like
an arm thrust from the body –
a strong arm, that is.

Rachel's haiku reminded me of how united Cape Cod has become in opposition to NStar's plan to spray up to five herbicides under the power lines, to control vegetation, which is why I illustrated this post with a photo of the mighty pruners from last fall. It's not easy being green, indeed, but it can be done.