Thursday, May 19, 2011

Think Green! Come to the Third Annual Eco-Expo!

It's Eco-Expo time again. Come join the fun from 10 to 2 on Saturday, at our marvelous transfer station, and celebrate green living with like-minded souls. Recycling chair Lydia Vivante has some great new attractions for us this year, including Derek Diedricksen, who will show Wellfleetians how discarded bits of wood can be transformed into, for instance, a cozy structure for the back yard. He will also be signing copies of his book, Humble Homes, Simple Shacks. Yesterday Derek blogged about small homes/treehouses/forts as an art installation by Tadashi Kawamata. He will be bringing his micro-shelter/sleeper cabin "The GottaGottaWay" and "recycled-material art, and repurposed/rebuilt/funky furniture pieces" for us to admire.

Eco-Expo will also feature Quirky Circus at noon, worms, composters, Elspeth Hay, and much more. As Wellfleet's Health and Conservation agent Hillary Greenberg-Lemos has said, “By getting together, learning and having fun, we hope that our communities will strengthen their commitment to more environmentally safe living.” Here's your chance to interact with our Cape and Islands Local Food reporter, discover Derek's marvels, and brush up on new ways to save our planet.

While we are talking recycling, note that our Commission is again making available this summer recycling bins, like the one Chez Sven sponsored down by the pier in 2010. There will even be bins at the beaches, and seasonal staff to tend them. Lydia and friends will be raising money at Harborfest, June 11, to buy a solar compacter. Please support all these noble efforts. I really admire what the Recycling Commission has been able to accomplish. So, it's a date then? See you Saturday, at the dump, Sven's favorite place in all of Wellfleet.