Friday, May 27, 2011

Chez Sven's Landscaping Gets Facelift

I believe in investing in our business. This is why Sven and I decided to have some work done this spring on the landscaping here at Chez Sven. The old car park for Seagull Cottage had seen better days. It was created in the 1970s, repaired, overwhelmed with ivy, repaired again. Guests never felt as if the space was quite large enough for modern cars. Now no one will be able to complain. Take a look at this work of art! The wooden steps were replaced with stone. With excavators available, we also raised a bed of myrtle one foot, and encased it with a rock wall. In this bed will go fruit trees, in memory of my parents. It was time to remove some scruffy evergreens and put in lawn, easier to maintain. Here two lilacs are moved to join several others in a hedge on the north side of the garden. The final step will be a split wood fence and rambling roses at the bottom of the property. What do you think of these changes?