Friday, May 06, 2011

Save the Bees!

Laura Kelley's team of organic gardeners will be busy at Chez Sven today, busy as bees. The ladies will be mulching, and edging, making our gardens as beautiful as last year. It is important for a bed & breakfast to look nice. Bees buzzing through the flowers adds an element of peace.

Speaking of bees, Mother's Day is right around the corner. Yesterday I got the following urgent message: HELP HONEYBEES THRIVE IN SOMEONE SPECIAL'S HONOR FOR MOTHER'S DAY!

It read, "Bees are incredibly important to our food supply: one out of three bites of food you take is made possible by bee pollination. And bees are way cool! But our hard-working bee friends have it tough right now. Commercial beekeepers reported 30-50% bee losses over last winter, and pesticides are likely part of the problem. Your gift will help our legal team protect bees, especially against pesticides that are extremely toxic to them."

So, please go to the NRDC Web site and order up a $35 gift card for Mom. Your gift will help save the bees and our food, which needs pollination to grow ...