Friday, May 20, 2011

"Hello? Chez Sven After Hours ..."

It’s 9:37, on a Saturday night, in late MARCH. The phone rings.

ME: “Chez Sven, hello?”

CALLER: “How far are you from the Gstalt Center?”

ME, (in reflex-response mode): “Chez Sven is 8/10ths of a mile from the center of Wellfleet.”

CALLER: “Do you serve just breakfast? Could we come tomorrow for breakfast, or does one have to stay there, too?”

ME: “Sorry, but we only serve breakfast to our guests.”

CALLER: “Next time I’ll stay with you.”

ME: “Just so you know, there’s a two-night minimum.”

CALLER: “Thanks. Bye.”

ME: “Bye.”

SVEN: “What did they want?”

ME: “Breakfast! Just breakfast”

SVEN: “Well, this is a bed AND breakfast. What do you expect?”


1.) I should have responded, “Chez Sven After Hours,” as Janet of Stone Lion Inn suggested in 2010, and that way the caller would have realized it was really too late to be phoning a B&B.

2.) Word of our great organic breakfasts must be getting out ....