Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wellfleet: Trendy, or What?

There are some days where I cannot seem to get away from blogging. I thought this news would really wake some of you up. I posted earlier today about how Parade Magazine mentions Wellfleet Oysterfest, which is a coup for the local PR team. I don't usually read the New York Times Style Magazine, but Sven picked it up by accident, thinking he had the more interesting one, and discarded Style in the bathroom, where I found it. My eyes skimmed the headline, "Summer Travel with Stops in Favignana, THE FRENCH RIVIERA, Ireland, Kuala Lumpur, Montenegro, St. Bart's, Tangier, the Thames River, Venice, and Wellfleet." Wellfleet? What the? Sure enough. There's a whole article about the Colony, "The Wellfleet Ten, A colony of Bauhaus-style bungalows on Cape Cod evokes the summer idylls of a lost bohemia."

Here at Chez Sven Blog, we know all about the modern houses in town, don't we? You can even stay in one this summer if you want, thanks to the Cape Cod Modern House Trust. It's not the Colony, but nicer, on a pond even. The article mentions Faye Dunaway's having been among the Colony's guests. Actually Faye Dunaway stayed in this house, too. The previous owner was a friend of hers. I seem to remember hearing she was "high maintenance" from that owner's son. Whatever. Not easy being a movie star ...