Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Farmers' Market Opens at Preservation Hall

Ordinarily I would not be posting again this morning, but I simply have to share a few things. First off, a friend sent me the link to yesterday's New York Times article about flame retardants and recognition that they are harming our children. Here is yet more evidence that we need to all support Senator Frank Lautenberg’s Safe Chemicals Act of 2011. Then came word from Ken Cook of the Environmental Working Group that information on pesticide residue has not been released by the government this year, no doubt due to the EWG Dirty Dozen campaign to educate consumers about the risks pesticides pose to anyone who consumers them, either through residue on fruit/veggies, or through drinking water, contaminated with herbicides, which our Cape Cod water will be if NStar is allowed to pursue its new vegetation management plan. (Please sign the EWG petition and share.) Finally, I wanted to remind everyone that a sneak peek at Wellfleet’s first farmers’ market is taking place this morning, in front of Preservation Hall. I got to meet local raw food specialists Kate and Kristen Reed and buy some eggs from Sharyn Lindsay, left, who is responsible for this marvelous initiative. With the deplorable weather Cape Cod has had for several weeks this spring, there was not much for sale yet, but do plan to stop by in June. I bought fresh eggs for our guests, and some organic salad babies for the garden. Being able to buy such things locally was a real thrill.