Friday, November 13, 2009

What’s New on the Bookshelf?

Here at Chez Sven, we have a long history of book culture. My immigrant dad wrote five books, and my mom was an editor. The development of e-books is so distressing to me that I have decided to fight back with the early purchase of new books for the bed & breakfast, and their promotion. Sven’s history library has already won accolades from our guests. One former guest even brings Sven a favorite book to exchange each summer! Now I will also report on my suggestions for our guests' reading pleasure. This first post includes three books I recommend.

The Possibility of Everything, by Hope Edelman, I gobbled up like a chocolate bunny at Easter. I loved this book because of the excellent writing, but also the author's willingness to remain open to new experiences, and, well, possibilities. The travelogue through Mayan ruins is fascinating, too. My second recent purchase had to be Barbara Kingsolver’s new novel, better than any of her others according to early reviews. Even the cover art is amazing! The third book I bought after hearing the author interviewed on NPR: Anne C. Heller’s Ayn Rand and the World She Made. Since the story for one of my writing projects begins in St. Petersburg in 1918, when Ayn Rand was 15, I thought it would be great for my research. What could be more wonderful that to curl up with a good book, on a rainy weekend, and be transported to another world?