Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Truro Conservation Trust to Protect View of Hopper House

Hat tip to Virginia who alerted me to the Truro Conservation Trust's plan regarding the land around Edward Hopper’s home, high above Cape Cod Bay. Two brothers, who inherited the property from their mother in 1970, seek to preserve the landscape Hopper made famous in his paintings. From Wicked Local and reporter Kaimi Rose Lum, “While it was a fairly substantial economic sacrifice, given the value of the land, we nevertheless decided, number one, the land and the house needed to be preserved because of its historical importance,” Schiffenhaus said. “Number two, we really wanted to keep it in the family and ensure that if sometime in the future it wasn’t in the family’s hands, the Hopper House and the land” — particularly the view across the top of the hill — “remained as it always has been.” This decision was spurred by construction started in 2008 on a neighboring lot, seen rising below.