Thursday, November 26, 2009

Walking in the Steps of Pilgrims on Cape Cod

Provincetown Harbor was one of the first places in America that felt the impact of the Pilgrims. They anchored at the northwest corner in 1620 before moving across Cape Cod Bay to Plymouth. Imagine the Mayflower, at anchor. What did native Americans think when they saw this strange vessel sail in? I bet they watched the new arrivals carefully. Sixteen Pilgrims went ashore and found a stockpile of corn, which they decided Providence had left there for them. No doubt native Americans were aware of the theft of corn soon after it happened, although history does not tell us that. Last month Sven and I went exploring in Truro and found a marker that indicates where the Pilgrims disembarked at “Corn Hill.” Massachusetts has lots of little-known markers of this kind. I returned the following week with my friend Virginia and again walked where Pilgrims had walked.

Yesterday I watched a new promotional film from TravelGuru, entitled "Beyond Boston to Cape Cod." In the film, freelance reporter Kathy Arnold asks, “How long do you need in Massachusetts? I always answer that question, ‘How long have you got?’” She visited Provincetown and the Pilgrim Monument but did not stop in Wellfleet, still I think you will enjoy her film because it really captures the flavor of Cape Cod. Let’s hope she adds Chez Sven to her next travel plan! ... You might also enjoy this article by Doug Fraser at the Cape Cod Times.

The Economic Development Committee came up with some great ideas for activities over the Thanksgiving weekend, but the Historical Society has not exactly rushed to embrace them. As I mentioned in a recent post, some Wellfleetians prefer their town when only the 3000 year-round residents are around. Lots of non-residents return to celebrate the holiday every year. One by one the house lights twinkle on, so that the woods are lit up like a Christmas tree. I bet similar lights brighten the Truro landscape ...

Would you come to Wellfleet for Thanksgiving or do you consider Turkey Day such a family occasion that Cape Cod would not be a first choice? What type of fun activities would draw you back? Have you ever thought about the Pilgrims or the Cape's original inhabitants while here?