Friday, November 06, 2009

Letter for Etani

Dear Etani,
Your mom told me how much you enjoy the photos on my blog, so I thought I’d write you a letter of congratulations on the birth of your little sister and include some special photos just for you. I know children your age love to dig in the sand. This summer, at low tide, I saw some little boys who were really enjoying the beach. Sometimes, in summer, I go to the beach in the evening, once almost everyone has gone home. Sometimes I see folks barbecuing over a bonfire. Since it is hard to find driftwood on the beach, usually they bring logs in a wheelbarrow, which looks funny being pushed through the sand. This summer I also saw a wonderful sand sculpture of an alligator. I think it is quite cool. I could never make an alligator like this. Of course, most people make sand castles. While at the beach, I often see seagulls. Our cottage is named after them ... Seagull Cottage. Here's a little story about why we gave it that name: Once upon a time a seagull found a magic clam. Holding the clam in its beak, the seagull flew over Duck Creek, past the gas station, and into the woods. Seagulls only venture inland when they have something important in mind. This seagull had noticed an exquisite garden with brick pathways, perfect for opening supper. The seagull dropped the magic clam on one of the pathways, but instead of breaking, it popped open and released fairy dust. The seagull blinked and looked down again. Beside the old house, a cottage had sprung up. The seagull landed on the roof and looked around at what its clam had wrought, then flew back to Duck Creek to tell family and friends. Seagulls still fly up from time to time, to admire what they call the “clam” cottage. When I saw the seagulls on the roof, I named the cottage Seagull Cottage. Thanks for having read this blog post. I hope we get to meet some day. Below, I'm posting another photo of the alligator. It seemed almost ready to slither into the sea.