Monday, July 06, 2009

Why Walk a Beach in the Evening?

To reach the Atlantic from Chez Sven, you must drive two miles up Long Pond Road, which twists and turns, to Ocean View Drive. In winter, the road is deserted. In summer, cars zip by cyclists and pedestrians alike as parents escort children wrapped in towels home from one last swim. Everyone is in vacation mode and no one is paying much attention to traffic. In fact, civilization is the furthest thing from the mind of your typical tourist. The road is narrow, and driving to the ocean can be a challenge to natives, used to empty roads. When Sven drove up to the beach the other day, he realized summer requires a different pace, something I already knew. (Anyone who has been following this blog knows that he usually is in Sweden by now. This year my husband will only go abroad for two weeks, July 14-30.) Most people rush to the beach in the late morning. Sven and I like to walk LeCount Hollow when the sun is going down. The colors are spectacular, even on the back shore. We went up two days ago. Unusual cloud formations made the experience truly amazing. The lavender light, reflected in the water, and the bright, clear Cape air took our breath away. The waves lapped at the shore. The ocean was calm. A seal poked his head out of the sea, as if to say, “Come play!” How peaceful it was! People visit the beach at the end of the day for a bonfire but rarely choose evening for a walk. They do not know what they're missing!