Friday, July 24, 2009

More Rain in Wellfleet!

Another rainy day! Our new guests said they saw a line of cars, leaving the Cape yesterday afternoon. They plan to walk around Wellfleet on a self-guided tour, using the Discover Cape Cod guide, which I mentioned two weeks ago. That sounds like a good activity for this drizzly morning. Our old guests left an hour ago, off for Logan and then home to Newcastle, England. They were wise to have booked last fall. I admired their ability to get around without a car. Did they like Chez Sven? You bet! What they had to say is at the end of the Liberty Coin Suite list. Check out recent comments here. What a lovely family! I enjoyed watching them interact with love and respect. They plan to take the flex bus to the Provincetown airport. A company has started a green shuttle to Logan. The one-way trip from Wellfleet costs $175 for three people, a bit pricey, but we wish them well. I am grateful when companies bother to contact me. Once Wellfleet has its new comprehensive Web site, all such information will be listed on it, hopefully! Speaking of companies that bother to contact bloggers, I’d like to mention Alex at iguide, who sent me the link to their Wellfleet page. Finally, check out some of the other Cape blog entries, listed at Cape Links.