Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thoughts on Guests, Chemical Sensitivity, and Body Burden

We do love our guests! One of them listed us in a guide for the chemically sensitive, so I often field phone calls from people in search of a chemically-free environment, in a beautiful spot where they will not wheeze, where they can simply live. The latest person I spoke to told me she reacts to any type of fragrance. I explained there was no way to stop guests from using perfume during their stay, and so I have requested removal from the guide since it is impossible to offer any type of guarantee. She was grateful that I had simply listened and understood her problem. In such a case, I always list the products we use, including Seventh Generation washing powder for our sheets. The folks at Seventh Generation really impress me with their research. Most recently their newsletter included an article about body burden, and I advise you all to go read here. I have always wondered about my own body burden. $10,000 for the test. Guess I will not be doing it soon. On this gray day, I started by saying how much Sven and I enjoy our guests. Tomorrow the little family in Liberty Coin Suite will continue on to New York prior to their return to Scotland. It is hard to say good-bye, when we know there is not much chance of seeing them again. Such charming people, who put their eight days to great use and did not complain once about the weather. Sven and I also enjoyed the Romanian couple who live in Maine and returned for a second year in a row. They even invited us over to the cottage for a drink. The problem with Seagull Cottage is that we leave guests very private, and, in so doing, do not spend as much time together. "What a shame!" we all agreed. I love having creative people around me. It’s so stimulating. Check out the way they decorated the artwork in the cottage kitchen!