Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Encore

Another morning, another breakfast. Well, not quite. We still have the French pastry chef staying with us. What could I do as an encore for my banana bread? Most people love the organic blueberry scones, which I bake right before guests sit down to the table. Today I decided to try something different to make the scones extra special, add fresh organic black raspberries from the garden! Yesterday, on Cape & Islands Radio, Mindy Todd was speaking with a master gardener and fielded a question about raspberries. The caller said her canes had gone wild, what with all the rain this past month. My raspberries also have become a jungle. I picked a bowl and placed the raspberries strategically on the scones, like jewels, before slipping the pan in the oven. First the guests devoured the granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit salad. On to the scones. I peeked through the kitchen window as the chef raised a scone to his mouth. A smile of contentment spread across his face. Success once more!