Friday, July 31, 2009

Sven is Back & Letter from the Town Administrator

Sven is back from his trip to Sweden! I went to Barnstable to pick him up this morning. Upon my return, I found a letter from the town administrator in the mailbox. It may be a form letter, but how pleased I was to read these words: "On behalf of the Town of Wellfleet, we wish to extend our gratitude to you on your work on the Citizens Economic Development Committee. Your extensive knowledge and understanding of the important matters with which this Committee deals have been invaluable to the Town." The letter was signed Paul Sieloff, Town Administrator. I think it is absolutely dandy that the town acknowledges the work of its volunteer committee members and sends such letters once a person has chosen not to serve any longer. In my case, I felt it would be impossible to fulfill such a commitment over the summer, our busiest season here at the bed & breakfast. The term was originally supposed to end June 30. Many of the members decided to go for reappointment, which is great. They will be the guiding force behind implementation of the committee's suggestions. One of the main suggestions, a comprehensive Web site, will soon begin to take form and should be operational by spring, 2010. How wonderful! No longer will I need to post a calendar of events since they will all be located on the new Web site!