Monday, July 27, 2009

A July Day in the Life

Up early this morning to fetch bagels and a croissant for the Liberty Coin Suite guests, since it’s their final day and that is their favorite breakfast, I drove to Sam Cooks, but it was closed Mondays. Second best, Wellfleet Marketplace, had no bagels so I picked up a croissant and a loaf of bread. Using Sven’s recipe, I concocted some great organic oatmeal. There came a knock at the door. I chatted with the folks in the cottage, off to Duck Harbor, the subject of this poster by Vincent Amicosante, available for sale at Harmon Gallery. Then I spent the morning cleaning Liberty Coin Suite and doing laundry. I did find the time to place a call to Cuddledown, since I noticed the sage green sheets in our Green Room need replacement. The sun came out so I could air-dry the linens. Despite the humidity, there’s a slight breeze. While emailing back and forth with a couple regarding a reservation in late August, I received a call from a former guest who wants to purchase a gift certificate for a silent auction to benefit a friend struggling with cancer. “I love your place so much that I want to share it,” she exclaimed. (For more info, contact Jon Schimmel through the Dance Boston Web site.) Sven also called from Sweden where the weather has improved, and his family was celebrating the birthday of grandson Zacharias, who has turned twelve. I also got an email from Simone Reagor, with me on the Economic Development Committee this winter, about a new Wicked Local article promoting the Wellfleet oyster, written by Elspeth Pearson, fiancé to Alex of Mac's Seafood. The article reminded me to post specials for Oysterfest, October 17 and 18th this year. For an early lunch, I walked to The Juice. (Lots of choice on the menu. The folks at the next table couldn't make up their mind. I was tempted to tell them guests had raved about the lobster roll. Less mayonnaise, more succulent bits of lobster meat, tossed in a lemon herb aioli.) Once back home, I checked on arrival time for our next guests. Darn! They did not provide it. (Thank you to everyone who emailed after my rant this past week on the inconvenience of being obliged to wait all afternoon.) So, satisfied everything was squeaky clean and under control, I settled in to work on my novel. Two simultaneous professions are harder than one! Thanks to everyone who makes my day job so pleasant.