Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Full" Summer & NECN Contest & WPH Concert

Yesterday summer lumbered across the Cape like a big black bear and seemed to squat down, right on top of Wellfleet. Hot, humid air made us realize how nice the cool days have been, despite the lack of rain. But, last night, the heavens opened up and at last there was a downpour after a week of pleasant sunshine. "May I take a picture of your garden?" asked a guest. "It's so colorful." For the first time in ages, I took the time to look at what I had created and realized he was right: it was colorful! So, out came my camera, not to photograph a beach or pond, but to capture the butterflies flitting from butterfly bush to butterfly bush. I am grateful to everyone over the past year who has told me, "Love your blog!", as happened yesterday in the comments. Now blog readers, time to unite and vote for Chez Sven in the NECN Cape contest called A-list. Here is the Web site. I need a bit of a boost these days. I realize Cape A-list is not a blog contest, because most innkeepers are not writers, and therefore blog contests of any worth do not have an appropriate category for me, but many of you have visited Wellfleet and know a great bed & breakfast when they see one. Tough to compete with only three rooms, against the biggies, with multiple guests at a time. But, let's try. Finally, help raise money for Wellfleet Preservation Hall by attending this evening's concert at the Congregational Church, "An Evening of Chamber Music with members of the Boston Pops, Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra, National Symphony, and special guest Dar Williams." Champagne and dessert reception follows. Do not miss this one, 7:30, and get there early! The last time Dar performed the line was around the block.