Sunday, July 26, 2009

Evening Brings a Different Perspective to Long Pond

No exercise today, unless you count walking back and forth from the main house to the cottage, which I did numerous times while cleaning, doing laundry, etc, all the chores an innkeeper must accomplish, especially on Sundays in summer. Since I want to fit into the dress I bought at Karol Richardson for my daughter’s wedding in September, I decided a walk would be an ideal way to burn a few calories and chose, as my destination, Long Pond. Evening might bring a different perspective. Would there be anyone swimming at this late hour? Could I even take photos? At 8 pm, sensible tourists should already be snug in their rental homes, removing dishes from their dishwashers, or preparing to watch a DVD on the wide screen TV, now a compulsory item on the list of modern conveniences rental agencies suggest Wellfleet landlords provide for summer visitors. In less than ten minutes, I was approaching Long Pond. What’s this I hear? Joyful voices shouting, in … Russian? Sure enough, there were two fathers in the pond with their children, teaching them to swim, or trying. The kids didn't seem too keen on the lesson, more interested in splashing about after hours on the highway. I snapped a few photos and withdrew as quietly as I had come.