Friday, June 12, 2009

Why I Decided Not To Renew CEDC Membership

I spent the morning doing research for the proposal for my book. Three hours in front of the computer. The afternoon’s activities were a bit more varied. Here is a summary: Put sheets and pillowcases in the washing machine. Clean Seagull Cottage. Rush, rush, rush. Hang pillowcases out to dry. Polish three additional paragraphs for the proposal. Respond to e-mail. Run, run, run. Fetch the mail. Pick peonies for bouquets and arrange flowers. Answer more e-mail. Rush, rush, rush. Send confirmation and thanks to folks who sent in checks. Collect pillowcases from the line and put them in the dryer since it rained. Run, run, run. Drive downtown for additional ingredients for fruit salad. Vacuum Liberty Coin Suite. Rush, rush, rush. Exchange emails with my agent’s assistant. Speak to guests who appeared at the door without reservations. Call around to find them available rooms. Rush, rush, rush. Iron pillowcases. Hug Sven. Run, run, run. Make the bed in Seagull Cottage. Welcome guests who did make bookings. Show them Liberty Coin Suite. Rush, rush, rush. Respond to booking request for September from folks in England. Cook dinner, eat dinner. Write blog. Run, run, run. Bake banana bread for breakfast. Collapse exhausted into bed.