Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cold Ocean & Future Bike Trail

Yesterday beachgoers actually ventured into the ocean, which was still quite cold according to my toes. This young boy caught my eye as he seemed to express the excitement of facing the ocean for the first time so well. People on vacation come to Cape Cod for its amazing beaches, but also to enjoy nature and ride bikes. This morning, on Cape & Islands NPR, the announcer interviewed Sue Harrison at the Banner who described a project to establish a safer bike trail through Truro. Negotiations are under way with the National Seashore to turn Old King's Highway over to bikers. This is exciting news because, in the past, the "continuation" of the Cape Cod rail trail, through Wellfleet and Truro, was made up of regular roads, including Route 6. The Wellfleet portion of Old King's Highway, closest to the Truro line, does not feature car traffic. Sven and I have walked it, starting out from our home, and continuing across Long Pond Road, Gross Hill Road, and Gull Pond Road. I do not know whether Wellfleet will associate itself with this project but I will certainly try to find out. Stay tuned!