Friday, June 19, 2009

A June Day in the Life

How green is your garden? Very green, thank you. It even boasts a green canoe, courtesy of our cottage guests, who have not used it so far. June is already half over. My day began by making breakfast for our Green Room guests: fresh organic strawberries and yogurt, with toast, as they had requested. Then off I went to Orleans for a haircut. One should not underestimate the benefit of a good haircut, and Sarah does a superior job. What's more, she always has great new slang to share: vacation, apparently, can now be called simply “va-kay.” I made quick stops at the bank, the veggie store, the pharmacy, and the health food store. I always try to patronize Phoenix when in Orleans, because it is open year-round and has excellent fruit and veggies. Ditto for the health food store where I buy organic oats for granola. Then it was on to Agway for more flowers. I treated myself to a pilon geranium, now the focus of attention in our parlor. Twenty minutes later, back in Wellfleet I gobbled up a quick lunch of leftovers and made my 1 o’clock appointment for massage with Tracy Plaut with minutes to spare. An hour later, Sven joined me in preparation of Liberty Coin Suite for guests who arrive this evening. The UPS man delivered a shipment from Dancing Deer, yummy coffee cake for cottage guests over the next three weeks. The rain stopped long enough for me to do some planting and to notice the grass needs another trim. Sven and I drove downtown to purchase fish at Hatch’s. What a lot of people there were, looking disgruntled at the weather, although by then the main downpour was over. That is what everyone has been joking about all day: how the lack of sunshine affects moods, delays the growth of flowers, ruins your “va-kay …”