Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where to Find Everything You Need to Know About Fishing Off Cape Cod

Yesterday I complained about the weather. This morning the temperature on nearby Martha’s Vineyard was only 35 degrees! Imagine leading finfishing expeditions under such circumstances! At least the sun is out this morning. In the spring, the fish are apparently hungrier, so it is the perfect time to go fishing, which may explain the number of fisherman at LeCount Hollow Beach yesterday. Sometimes guests inquire about what the best fishing opportunities here are, and I would love to hear suggestions from blog readers who know. We often see fishermen and women pull bluefish out of the ocean. Beachgoers enjoy watching this activity when it is too cold to go in the water. I discovered a new blog, written by Captain Jeff Smith, who offers amazing photos of fish caught during Fin Addiction outings. Fin Addiction Charters also has a great Web site with all kinds of fascinating information about fishing off of Cape Cod. Check them both out!