Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where is Summer?

We have a date with summer on Sunday, but will summer arrive? The weather is important to us all, but innkeepers, who make their living in a region of seasonal activity, must surely fret more than other people when they look out at the gray sky, while brewing coffee for guests, and check the thermometer, a chilly 50 degrees this morning. It is tough to have to tell guests the weatherman does not expect any improvement for two weeks. There’s warmth elsewhere, but not here in New England. Mid-June’s usually reliable weather is a thing of the past. Yesterday afternoon, when the sun peeked through for half an hour, the temperature shot up 10 degrees, and we got in a quick walk to Dyer Pond. Today we walked at LeCount Hollow where the three-colored ocean was quick to tell us who was the boss and a cool wind was blowing. The garden also has been affected by the lack of sun. Flowers languish, vegetables grow more slowly. The trees, however, are flourishing. From my window, I can almost see the branches of our old maple grow day by day, increasing the shade on the eastern side of the house. Oh, for some sunshine! When I lived in Paris, the daily drizzle was something French natives had grown accustomed to. I could never manage to adjust to gray skies, which is one of the reasons I came home. Let’s hope summer will soon arrive!