Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ticks, Mosquitoes, & Bed Bugs on Cape Cod 2009

With all the late spring rain mosquitoes will be out in force this summer. I just heard from my guests that a cloud of mosquitoes hovers over the Atlantic white cedar swamp boardwalk. Yesterday this blog received a visitor searching for information on HOW TO GET BED BUGS OUT OF LUGGAGE. My answer is best not to let bed bugs IN luggage, by keeping suitcases zippered up while out of a hotel room and using luggage racks. (See May 19 blog.) Another recent search has been TICKS ON CAPE COD. I wish I had some good news to report on this front. Unfortunately, the creepy crawly critters are already on the move, not only in the woods but in Cape towns, having traveled on the backs of birds. While the problem is not as bad as on Nantucket, we still need to worry about getting sick from tick bites. Dyer Pond is very beautiful, but getting there involves passing through tick territory. I also always recommend to guests that they use insect repellent and check themselves after a visit to the Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary, with its large bird population. Those of us who have already had Lyme are especially wary. I always check myself before bed. In May and June, the teensy tiny nymphs are looking for a first meal. Deer ticks can be considered, unfortunately, one of the major hazards of living on Cape Cod & the Islands.