Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guest-blogger Prefers Wellfleet's "Dreary Side"

I am fortunate to have a brother who's a journalist, and, whenever Nick comes to Wellfleet, I get him to guest-blog. Without further ado, let me turn this keyboard over to him: "When we came to Chez Sven on Monday, the rain and drizzle had gone on for days, and were expected to continue. You might think that this is not a good time to visit Cape Cod, but we found special charms that would have been absent under sunny skies. With the wind coming in off the ocean, the smell of the air was enchanting. When we went to the beach, it was as if it was our own private temple, with the waves enhanced by the storm offshore. We remarked on the black sand high up on the beach and wondered how it got that way. We saw the dead crabs at the waterline, an uncommon sight in Wellfleet, and wondered if they were sent here by the storm. We enjoyed the solitary walks to Dyer Pond. Even indoors, there are restorative joys to a rainy Cape holiday. We spent a good deal of time reading and doing crossword puzzles, visiting with the innkeeper (who happens to be my sister), and I got to watch a Red Sox game on TV (rare since I gave up cable). We visited a clothing store where everything is free. Now, as we prepare to go home tomorrow, the sun is coming out. As the weekend approaches, there will be the crowded beaches, the traffic jams, the sense that this is a tourist spot. I think I prefer its dreary side, when the rain soothes you to sleep, instead of the roars of the highway."