Sunday, May 31, 2009

Younger Guests & Roadside Flowers

Not many Outer Cape bed & breakfasts accept children. Personally, I am delighted to have children stay at Chez Sven, having spent a year as a toddler teacher. My granddaughter lives far away, in California, so I do not get the opportunity to interact with children as often as I might like. This week we enjoyed a visit from a young German couple who were great sports about the weather: it rained four out of their five days. They had never visited Cape Cod and loved it. Their sixteen-month-old son did not care about the weather. He played with the sand and went on long walks. It was a real treat for me to hold his hand as he explored the garden, sniffing flowers and picking up stones. End of May is always particularly busy here. I plant more flowers every day. Here is a new lupin with raindrops cupped in its spectacular leaves. When Sven and I went off Cape last week, we admired a hillside of lupins and daisies at the intersection right after the Sagamore Bridge. Sweden's roadsides sparkle with flowers. How nice it would be if the same were true in our country!