Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Odd Things in the Water"

As I write, I am listening to the The Point on Cape & Islands NPR and a discussion of a series which will start May 14: "Fresh Water, Salt Water." Silent Spring, based in Newton, has been investigating pond water in a search for possible causes of breast cancer. It has come to researchers' attention that septic systems allow pharmaceuticals into the ground water, including antibiotics and hormones. Endocrine disrupters from household cleaners also are not filtered out by modern septic systems. What are the consequences for human health? The reporter specified that it is not known whether drinking water on the Cape does contain these substances or not, but, in my opinion, it sounds highly likely that we should be concerned and this is why we provide filtered water to guests. The series sounds fascinating. Blog readers who do not live on Cape can listen online. Stay informed about our endangered groundwater and what can be done about this serious problem!