Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Wellfleet Harbor Actors' Theater now has a blog! You can check out the first entry here. Jeff Zinn writes that he has the intention of blogging weekly, which will be a great way to get firsthand news about what's going on behind the scenes. I'm always very proud to tell guests that Wellfleet has its own theater and to suggest they enjoy an evening of edgy drama at WHAT during their stay. I hope the 25th season finds the theater full every night. In these difficult economic times, we have discovered that everyone is counting pennies, more conscious than ever before of where money is going. While this is surely a good thing in the long run, the Outer Cape has come to depend on a steady stream of dollars, especially during peak months, from tourists. A night at the theater is a great way to relax and "se changer les ide├ęs," ie. experience something so different that you are whisked away to another world. There were not many tourists in downtown Wellfleet this afternoon. The lack of cars reminded me of the difference with Memorial Day. The town was not full then, either, but there were enough people around for these kids to set up a lemonade stand on Main Street.