Sunday, May 24, 2009

Reflections on a Drizzly Sunday of Memorial Weekend

A holiday is so much more special if the sun is shining. Unfortunately, weather can be as finicky as the Greek God Zeus. One minute the sky is clear and the next waves of clouds tumble by. Last night the heavens sounded like Zeus was up there, casting thunderbolts across the sky. Memorial Day weekend 2009 will be remembered as mediocre although Monday the weatherman does predict excellence: sunshine, warmth, low humidity. No doubt the daytrippers will arrive by the thousands. After last night’s downpour, the brick path between the cottage and the main house sank in several places, so Sven is out hammering as I write. When the west wind blows, we can hear more traffic than usual from Route 6, a low hum that makes us want to stay home and not even venture downtown. Our Green Room guests went whale-watching early this morning. A couple from Boston will take over Liberty Coin Suite this afternoon. Then, tomorrow, we will have new guests in the cottage. The circular motion of innkeeping spins on, round and round. Clean, wait for new people, greet new people. Breakfast, clean, wait for new people, greet new people. What’s not so fun is saying goodbye when the weather has not cooperated. I always feel bad for folks who did not get a perfect holiday.